Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers

As a Wilson® Accredited Partner, we provide professional learning opportunities for educators and schools to extend their expertise. We are dedicated to providing educators with the knowledge and skills they need to help students.

Wilson Reading System® (WRS)

WRS Introductory Workshop

This three-day (5-hours per day) workshop provides participants with an overview of the WRS curriculum and serves as the prerequisite for WRS Level I Certification. This workshop, delivered over three consecutive days, examines reading research and the five areas of reading in relation to students in grade two through adult with persistent phonological coding deficits. Learn more.

WRS Level I Certification

The WRS Level I Certification course is designed to prepare teachers to effectively implement WRS Steps 1-6 with students who are reading and spelling below grade level as well as those diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia. It consists of two components: the WRS Intensive Instruction: Online Course (Steps 1-6) and the WRS Level I Steps 1-6 Practicum.

Prequisite: WRS Introductory Workshop within the past five years.

Individuals who possess a Master’s degree in education or related field and have completed WRS Level I Certification may seek WRS Level II Certification. This advanced coursework provides in-depth strategies to implement multisensory structured language instruction successfully in group settings and advanced levels of decoding and encoding. Learn more.

Just Words®

Just Words® is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in grades 4–12 and adults who have mild to moderate gaps in their decoding and spelling proficiency but do not require intensive intervention. The program is designed for students with below-average decoding and spelling scores and should be combined with other literature-rich programs.

WILSON Fluency® /Basic

Students who struggle to read fluently need a lot of practice. Wilson Fluency®/Basic supplements your reading curriculum by providing additional reading practice with explicit fluency instruction to develop the application of skills with connected text. The extended reading passages, both narrative and informational, give students the focused practice that helps build accuracy, automaticity, and prosody. Learn more.

Fundations® Level K-3 & Intervention Workshops

Based on the Wilson Reading System® principles, Fundations® provides research-based materials and strategies essential to comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting. Fundations® makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy. Students in grades K-3 receive a systematic program in critical foundational skills. Learn more.

Fundations® Facilitator Certification

Fundations® Facilitators are trained to support teachers using the program, promoting student achievement through fidelity of implementation. Facilitator Certification develops teacher-leaders and a culture of collaborative professional learning that enables school and individual development. Learn more.

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