WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum


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In the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Steps 7-12 Practicum, participants focus on advanced word study and application of reading and writing skills with progressively more challenging levels of text. The practicum requires successful delivery of a minimum of 50 lessons with an approved student, and submission of at least three videoed lessons for review and feedback. Learn more about program requirements and materials.

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  • WRS Level I Certification
  • Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field
  • Current enrollment in or completion of WRS Advanced Word Study: Online Course (Steps 7-12) within the past 3 years
  • Must be completed within 15 months from start date
  • At least 50 practicum lessons
Upon Completion: Individuals who successfully meet all requirements of this practicum are able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of dyslexia and related language-based learning disabilities.
  • Use assessments to identify students with word-level deficits who are appropriate for an intensive intervention.
  • Appropriately pace a student through the upper steps of the WRS curriculum, developing mastery of material taught, designing lessons that focus on accuracy, automatic, and fluency of word and text reading.
  • Accurately teach the structure of the English language (presented in WRS Steps 7-12): consonant & vowel phonemes, syllable structure, common orthographic rules and advanced spelling patterns including spelling option procedures, common Latin and Greek-based prefixes and suffixes, etc.
  • Further deepen the skills developed in Level I Certification.

Participants who have successfully completed this course are specialized in implementing all steps of the WRS program, but are not considered WRS Level II Certified unless they have completed all advanced courses.

Graduate Credit: Graduate credit is offered through Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA. Learn more.
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