• WRS Introductory Courses All workshops run from 9am-3:30pm EST unless otherwise specified.
  • Just Words Workshops All workshops run from 9am-2pm EST unless otherwise specified.
    • Cancelled: 10/27 (W) 3-8pm EST
    • Virtual: 11/6 (Sa)
    • Virtual: 11/16 (Tu)
  • Fundations Level K All workshops run from 9am-2pm EST.
  • Fundations Level 1 All workshops run from 9am-2pm EST unless otherwise specified.
    • Virtual: 11/10 (W) 3pm-8pm EST
    • Virtual: 12/1 (W)
  • Fundations Level 2 All workshops run from 9am-2pm EST unless otherwise specified.
    • Virtual: 11/4 (Th) 3pm-8pm EST
    • Virtual: 12/2 (Th)
  • Fundations Level 3 All workshops run from 9am-2pm EST.
  • WRS Level I Certification with Web-Based Practicum
  • WRS Group Mastery Practicum
  • WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum

*Please register by the 7th of each month to be a part of the cohort that will be created for that month.

Tutoring, Diagnostic & Professional Learning Center

LTR Tutoring Associates serve Central NH as a Literacy Resource. We believe that early intervention and the use of research-based methods are in the best interest of struggling readers of any age. We strive to make available highly trained and experienced educators to provide quality instruction with fidelity and integrity.

Who We Work With

Students and Families

Students & Families

Students who struggle with reading often find it difficult to achieve their potential in many areas of education. We help children and their families learn strategies to help them find success and build academic and social confidence. Learn more. Learn more.

Teacher Training


As a Wilson® Accredited Partner, we provide professional learning opportunities for educators and schools to extend their expertise. We are dedicated to providing educators with the knowledge and skills they need to help students. Learn more.

Comments from recent workshop attendees

Rebekah C

I was apprehensive taking an interactive three day course 100% online but the instructors did a wonderful job facilitating and managing the course. There were many opportunities for small group work and discussions.  It was nice to meet so many people from around the country.”

—Rebekah C.
Westminster, MA

Cindy B

The WRS Introductory Course was a comprehensive overview of the reading
system. Cheri and Dianne are very knowledgeable! They are both also very
approachable, and shared many tips and insights. I now have a strong sense
of what taking my training further to become a WRS Level 1 Certified WDP
would entail, and I’m excited about the possibilities and the potential to
help the most struggling readers.”

—Cindy Benson
Londonderry, NH

International Dyslexia Association

The International Dyslexia Association® (IDA) has accredited Wilson Language Training and Wilson Accredited Partners. This designation recognizes that Wilson Reading System® certifications align with the IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

“That direct instruction in alphabetic coding facilitates early reading acquisition is one of the most well established conclusions in all of behavioral science. . . . The idea that learning to read is just like learning to speak is accepted by no responsible linguist, psychologist, or cognitive scientist in the research community (pp. 285-286)” Stanovich (1994), quoted in Why Reading Is Not a Natural Process.


This workshop was great and well worth the trip (from Ontario Canada). It will help me with my struggling students, but also my son who has learning difficulties.”

Cheri is so knowledgeable! But it’s more than that. She’s energetic and fun and makes the Wilson Program come to life. I enjoyed her practical management hints.”

Instructor had a great sense of humor and also had great stories to add to the workshop which only made it more effective. Tons of knowledge was gained in the last three days.”